With our Custom Move plan, you’re able to pick and choose which services suit your specific needs. 


Our skilled team makes packing an art form. From years of collective experience, they have figured out what techniques to follow, and those to avoid, to ensure your valuables are transported safely.


Much like a game of Tetris, the key to a successful move is properly arranging all belongings into the trucks. Our skilled movers have thorough training in this process to ensure a safe and efficient move.


Moving is the best time to sort through your closet or attic and get rid of those things that are just collecting dust! Donate that Mickey Mouse sweatshirt you’ve had since the 90’s and those three extra suitcases you keep, “just in case”.

Our Move Managers have the training to assist you in deciding not only what is still useful, but also, what you may have the space for in your new home. (This is where Space Planning comes in handy!)

Space Planning 

Sometimes one of the hardest things about moving, is figuring out what will fit in your new home. Like where to put Great-Grandma’s Grand Piano that you can’t bear to part with. With the help of Space Planning, we take the guess work out of moving!

We create a floor plan of your new home, and take measurements of larger furniture to better assist you in finding the best placement for each piece.

Temporary Storage 

Need a few extra days between loading and unloading? At NewView Moving, we offer climate-controlled and non-climate-controlled temporary storage options.