We’re not all experts, and even those who are still make mistakes every now and then. Below we’ve added a video of some ‘Dos and Don’ts” and other common mistakes made while moving.


  Pack heavy items in large boxes
  Did not take the time to space plan
  Forgetting to label your boxes
  Not realizing state laws regarding transport
  Forgetting to downsize
  Not backing up all electronics
  Using towels/blankets to protect fragile items
  Stacking plates on top of one another
  Not having sandwich bags readily available


 Heavy items should be packed in small boxes to avoid weight issues
 Take time to consider placement of larger items as well as outlets and window placement
 Label and number each box so movers will place them in the correct room
 Here’s what we CAN and CANNOT transport
 Moving is the perfect time to donate any items you no longer need
 There are many variables while moving, so don’t take any chances with those family photos saved on your computer
 Paper vs towels
 Plates should be stacked upright to avoid breakage
 Sandwich bags are great to temporarily store small/loose items