In order to best prepare you for your upcoming move, here are some helpful tips we’ve found on choosing the right move day for you!

Congratulations,  you’ve finally found a new place to call home! So what’s the next step?

Now it’s time to pick your move date, which is a little easier said than done. Since most of us don’t have the luxury to take as much time off as we’d like to set up our homes, we’ve compiled a list of Pros & Cons to help you chose the best moving day that fits your schedule.

For starters, think about where you live…

  • If you live in the desert where your summers are scorching, lugging big heavy boxes is the last thing you’ll want to do – trust me.
  • If your hometown gets dumped with three feet of snow during certain parts of the year (hopefully it’s not all year-round), it’s probably best to move before, or after that happens. (I’ve never lived in snow, but I’m sure this rings true as well).



Unsurprisingly, Fridays are the most popular day to move into a new home. And why not?

  • It adds an extra 24 hours tacked on to your weekend to help unpack and organize your home.
  • Allows you to time-manage throughout the week so you finish all your top tasks before weeks’ end.
  • If you plan accordingly and a holiday falls on the following Monday, you just allowed yourself four whole days to get settled!

Sounds almost too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well, you’d be right. While all these stand true, that are some downsides to booking your move on a Friday.

  • Since Friday is the most popular move day, it’s possible for companies to increase their prices due to public demand, leading to items you need (ie. larger trucks) not being available
  • Should you come across any problems with your new home (plumbing, lighting, etc.), it may prove more difficult to contact these professionals after Friday evening – unless you get lucky and they have weekend hours.
  • If you’re also in the midst of selling your home and anything affects the funds going through, you may be stuck until the following business day (Monday). This means all your stuff is left sitting in a truck all weekend (because who wants to move twice) – therefore, losing all that time you worked so hard to plan around and paying extra costs for keeping the truck those additional days.


Chances are, prices for moving trucks and equipment will be lower throughout the week opposed to Friday, and you have a better chance of finding specific equipment such as appliance dollies or a larger truck in stock.

Monday: While you still get an extra day attached to your weekend, you won’t be able to preplan your tasks or time-manage as well as on a Friday.

      Thursday (my personal recommendation): If you can take both Thursday and Friday off, pat yourself on the back for your strategic planning! If that’s not the case, pack the necessities in an overnight bag (toothbrush/paste, face wash, change of clothes, etc.) and keep this with you during your move. Now you can catch some zzzs on your bed, couch or air mattress, go to work Friday, and start organizing your belongings that night in the comfort of your new home.